Sanders to hit Sunday morning shows before New Hampshire votes

Photo via Meet the Press/Twitter

Bernie Sanders is set to make four network TV appearances Sunday morning, as he slugs it out with Pete Buttigieg for supremacy as the hours countdown to Tuesday’s crucial New Hampshire primary.

Sanders is set to appear on NBC Meet the Press, CBS Face the Nation, CNN State of the Union and Fox News Sunday. This comes after revelations Pete Buttigieg will be doing what is referred to as a full Ginsburg, appearing on all four over the air networks as well as CNN.

It comes at a crucial juncture, with most polls still showing Sanders with a lead of roughly 5 points, and with friction increasing between the two frontrunners, with Buttigieg using fundraising emails to accuse Sanders of taking dark money, whilst the Sanders camp has hit back, drawing attention to Buttigieg’s wealthy donors.

Buttigieg also has his own worries on the right flank, with a seemingly desperate Biden campaign releasing an ad attacking him for his relatively weak political resume. 

Sanders has a packed schedule for the remainder of the New Hampshire campaign too, with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to join the Senator at a rally headlined by The Strokes on Monday, just hours before the traditional first in the state votes are cast in Dixville Notch on the stroke of midnight.

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