Iowa caucus-goers trust Bernie over Hillary

CNN/ORC poll shows that likely Democratic caucus-goers in Iowa find Sanders more trustworthy and honest than his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

The poll, conducted between 7-11 August of 429 likely Democratic caucus-goers shows that Bernie Sanders, while less popular, is viewed as more honest than Clinton.

When asked which candidate was the most honest and trustworthy, 35 per cent said they thought Sanders is, while 28 per cent said Clinton is.

The poll also asked which candidate best understands the problems facing people like you. 40 per cent responded that Clinton does, while 39 per cent responded Sanders.

Overall in Iowa, the likely caucus-goers polled said that they were most likely to vote for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, 50 per cent to 31 per cent. Vice President Joe Biden landed in third place with 12 per cent. The rest of the field was at 1 per cent or less.

Bernie takes the lead in New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders for the first time has taken the lead ahead of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, according to latest Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll.

Sanders is now ahead of Clinton 44 to her 37 per cent support along likely Democrat primary voters.

Sanders has been gaining momentum across the country, but until now, has trailed Clinton in every state and national poll.

This latest poll comes after Sanders attracted more than 70,000 supporters to rallies on the West Coast over the weekend.

Meet Symone Sanders, new Bernie 2016 press secretary

Symone Sanders has been named Bernie 2016’s national press secretary, and no, she’s not related to the Senator.

Sanders is a 26-year-old activist, part of the Black Lives Matter movement, passionate about economic justice. She currently serves as National Youth Chair of the Campaign for Juvenile Justice.

Before joining the campaign, Sanders worked as a communicators officer at Ralph Nader’s Public Citizen, an organisation which seeks equal representation of American citizens in government.

Sanders has began to speak at campaign rallies, starting in Portland, Oregon, where she fired up a crowd of almost 20,000.

“My name is Symone Sanders,” she said to an excited and applauding crowd of supporters. Sanders introduced herself as the campaign’s national press secretary.

She told the crowd, that should a disruption happen, similar to one that abruptly ended an event in Seattle, the crowd was to respond with a vocal chorus, shouting, “We stand together!” Sanders lead the crowd in a practice run. No disruptions took place in Oregon.

Sanders went on to speak about racial justice, economic equality and climate change, before introducing Senator Bernie Sanders.

Symone Sanders can be found on Twitter, tweeting as @SymoneDSanders.