How to talk about Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders
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We all get questions about Bernie, especially by people who are staunchly opposed to him, and they don’t even know what he stands for. Here’s how to answer them.

It’s very important when speaking to people who might be a little skeptical about Bernie that you listen to their questions, and answer them as obligingly and truthfully as possible. We’re not going to win supporters over by getting aggressive and telling them they’re wrong.

Here are some suggestions on how to answer questions people might have about Bernie.

He’s a socialist!

That’s perhaps not the right word to use to describe Bernie. He’s a democratic socialist, and there’s a big difference.

What does democratic socialism mean?

That might be because the media likes to use it as a dirty word. In short, democratic socialism means that the economy and society should be run democratically, to meet the needs of its people, not for a handful of billionaires. Democratic socialism means a more just society, and one where more people can participate in our democracy.

Doesn’t Bernie want to increase taxes?

Yes, he does. But unless you’re a Wall Street banker, or a billionaire, I think you’ll find his suggestions on taxation very good. By increasing taxes on corporations, implementing a tax on Wall Street speculation, and raising the top marginal income tax bracket, we’ll be able to enjoy things such as free public college tuition and more affordable health care.

So Bernie just wants to give away everything for free?

Not quite. Look at countries in Scandinavia, such as Denmark, Norway or Sweden. In these countries, health care is a right for all people. College education is free. And in those countries, the government works largely for the people, not a handful of billionaires, which is currently the case in the United States. It’s not a radical idea that we should take care of our people.

How is Bernie going to create jobs?

There are many ways in which a government can help to create jobs, but one of the things Bernie wants to do is spend $1 trillion to repair America’s crumbling infrastructure. This is expected to create 13 million jobs across the United States.

I’m starting to like the sound of Bernie. Where can I find out more?

If you are interested in reading his policy positions on specific issues, you can visit It is a wonderful resource, and should have answers to every one of your questions about Bernie.

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