Bernie Sanders speaks to Rachel Maddow

Bernie Sanders joined popular MSNBC host Rachel Maddow to talk about a wide range of topics from the GOP debate to vaccines and veterans’ healthcare.

Maddow asked Sanders how he felt about how his campaign was going, since a lot had changed since the last time they had spoke in June. Bernie replied humbly that he was “in a slight state of shock” and “thought he had a message that would resonate with the American people” also that it was crazy to look out at the crowd of 28,000 people in Portland, to hear him speak.

When asked about the fact that the Republicans had already had two debates and the Democrats first debate was still about a month away Sanders replied, “”From day one, I did not think it was a good idea to limit the debates to six.” The exclusivity law enacted this year by the Democratic National Committee significantly limits the amount of debates to just six DNC sanctioned debates compared to the twenty-six that were held in 2008.

Maddow then asks him about his grassroots organization, stating he has issued a mass hiring call recently in the ‘super Tuesday” states.

Bernie continues to say that there are over 200,000 volunteers alone across the country mostly grass roots. Sanders said it was surprising to him to read about things in the paper and a lot of the events and organizing that is happening is spontaneous and it’s very moving. Volunteers are currently emphasizing on knocking door to door, and talking to people in many states.

Bernie insists that this is bigger than himself, ‘If ordinary people are not involved the billionaire class will continue to dominate what goes on in this country’.

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Bernie Sanders

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