Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

A recent poll from Fox News reveals Bernie Sanders to be by far the most popular leader in America, while Trump's approval ratings continue to dive.
Bernie Sanders marching in the Vermont Memorial Day Parade

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont joined with Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer on Saturday to call for healthcare rallies across the country.
Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders joined Senate Democrats in condemning the actions of brand new FCC Chairman Ajit Varadaraj Pai.
Bernie Sanders checks his notes

Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders passed five million Facebook likes on Thursday, making him the most followed United States Senator.
Bruce Franks

After losing the Democratic primary in Missouri's 78th District, Bruce Franks has won in a landslide after challenging the validity of the first primary.
Bernie Sanders in Traverse City, Michigan

Bernie Sanders' progressive organisation Our Revolution has announced its next round of candidate endorsements.