Sanders electric at Fox News town hall

Photo via Fox News/Twitter

Bernie Sanders won over what should have been a tough crowd on Monday night, passionately defending his signature Medicare for All policy and other stances at town hall in Dearborn, Michigan.

The event came ahead of the  crucial primaries on Tuesday, with Sanders looking to fight back against Joe Biden and the establishment after Biden took the lead in the race on Super Tuesday.

Sanders received applause from the crowd at the town hall as he passionately articulated his policies, and rejected notions that there was anything innately radical in his policies in spite of them being labelled as such.

His remarks on the importance of raising the federal minimum wage to $15, noting how it has been left at what he described as a poverty level ‘starvation wage’ of $7.25 for a decade were particularly well received

On Medicare for All, he again noted the cost of ongoing inaction, especially as coronavirus concerns grow in the US, and comparing the US system to the healthcare system in Canada.

He also pivoted to attacking Donald Trump, addressing the well known Fox News viewer directly, condemning him for his climate denialism and again promoting his Green New Deal policy, which has been a widespread rallying cry for progressive Democrats.

Whilst some polls have shown Sanders struggling going into tomorrow’s primaries, they were wildly inaccurate in 2016, with Sanders for example picking up a narrow albeit crucial win in Michigan after polls showed him down as much as 20 percent.

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