New national poll shows Sanders’ favorability is rising

A new poll conducted by Gallup shows Sanders’ favorability is on the rise, increasing by seven points since the end of July.

Gallup released a new national poll on Friday after surveying 1,000 independent and democratic voters.

Bernie Sanders’ favorability has improved seven points since the last poll was released on July 24. Hillary Clinton’s national favorability is at its lowest point since 1992.

“Clinton’s favorability with the America public has sunk to one of its lowest levels in Gallup’s 23-year trend.”

According to the poll, 51 percent of “national adults” hold an “unfavorable view” of Clinton, yet her favorability among independent and democratic voters remains steady at 74 percent. Bernie Sanders’ favorability has improved from 39 to 46 percent.

Clinton’s email scandal continues to slowly diminish her image while Sanders is gaining on her inch by inch.

Read the poll’s findings here.

Sanders makes impressive gains in Iowa

A poll released today by Bloomberg Politics in conjunction with the Des Moines Register shows that the Sanders surge is far from over.

Bernie Sanders now only trails Hillary Clinton by 7 points in Iowa.

According to responses from 404 likely Democratic caucus-goers, 37% would support Clinton, while 30% would support Sanders.

As recently as May, Clinton was polling at 57% in Iowa, a 20 point drop, while Sanders went from 16% to 30%, nearly doubling his support.

The Iowa Caucus, which once looked to be safely Clinton’s is now anyone’s game.

As J. Ann Selzer, president of West Des Moines, Iowa-based Selzer & Co. said regarding the shocking poll results, “the era of inevitability is over.”

You can view the results of the poll here.

Sanders close to lead in West Virginia

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders trails Hillary Clinton by just 4 per cent in poll of likely West Virginian voters.

The poll, conducted by Prism Surveys showed that 36 per cent of likely voters supported Clinton, while 32 per cent supported Bernie Sanders. The poll’s margin of error was 3.21 per cent. It was conducted on the 21st of August.

The poll also pointed to some challengers for Sanders. Almost all respondents said they recognized Hillary Clinton, while just a third knew who Bernie Sanders is.

Bernie Sanders firmly ahead in New Hampshire

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is now firmly in the lead in New Hampshire, according to a Public Policy Polling.

The poll, conducted between the 21st and 24th of August showed that Sanders is leading Clinton by 7 points in the Granite State.

According to the poll of 370 likely Democratic voters, 42 per cent said they would like to see Bernie Sanders become the Democratic nominee for president.

A staggering 78 per cent of respondents said they held a favorable opinion of Sanders, while just 12 per cent said they viewed him unfavorably.

This poll comes reaffirms the results of a Franklin Pierce/RKM/Boston Herald poll conducted earlier this month, which also put Sanders ahead of Clinton by 7 points.

Wisconsin poll puts Sanders within 12 points of Clinton

A Wisconsin poll conducted by the Marquette Law School shows Bernie Sanders trailing rival Hillary Clinton by just 12 points.

The poll, conducted between the 13th and the 18th of August asked almost 400 Democratic voters who they would support in the primary election. 44 per cent of respondents answered that they would support Clinton, while 32 per cent said they supported Bernie Sanders.

Joe Biden, who has not announced whether he would be running was favored by 12 per cent of respondents. 9 per cent said they were undecided, while other candidates received support of 1 per cent.

Bernie Sanders visited Madison, Wisconsin in July, where he attracted a crowd of 10,000 supporters at the Veterans Memorial Colosseum.

Clinton has not yet visited Wisconsin since announcing her candidacy, but has a trip scheduled to Milwaukee in early September.

Sanders surging in CNN national poll

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has surged in the latest CNN national poll, climbing 10 points since July.

The independent Senator from Vermont is now a close second to Hillary Clinton. Sanders is currently on 29 per cent, while Clinton holds a shaky and falling lead at 47 per cent, down 9 per cent since July.

The CNN/ORC poll shows Sanders picking up momentum, with Clinton close to losing her stable and secure lead.

It also shows Biden with 14 per cent support, though he is yet to announce whether he will enter the race.

Sanders surges in latest national poll

Support for Senator Bernie Sanders is at its highest yet, with the independent from Vermont making significant gains in the latest national poll.

Polling conducted by Fox News between 11-13 August put Sanders at 30 per cent, while Clinton fell to 49 per cent. The question asked was who you would like to see as the Democratic presidential nominee.

The 8 per cent gain for Sanders since the last Fox News poll, taken only two weeks ago is great news for the campaign. Sanders was polling at just 3 per cent nationally at the end of March.

This, after polling in New Hampshire put  Sanders ahead of the former Secretary of State, and a straw poll conducted in Iowa that also firmly put Sanders in the lead.

Bernie pulls ahead in Iowa State Fair straw poll

Bernie Sanders has pulled ahead of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in a straw poll at the Iowa State Fair.

At the close of the poll on Saturday, Sanders was leading Clinton 53.36 per cent to 40.53 per cent, while the nearest contender was Martin O’Malley, who was sitting on just under 4 per cent of the vote.

The straw poll is being conducted by Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate, and a total of 639 Democrats have voted in the poll thus far.

While the straw poll should not be taken too seriously, it is an indicator that the Sanders campaign will be very pleased with. Straw polls often receive national media coverage, and this one is bound to provide a flurry of positive coverage for Senator Sanders.

Sanders spoke at the Iowa State Fair today, while his opponent Secretary Clinton decided against speaking at the Des Moines Register soap box.

Iowa caucus-goers trust Bernie over Hillary

CNN/ORC poll shows that likely Democratic caucus-goers in Iowa find Sanders more trustworthy and honest than his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

The poll, conducted between 7-11 August of 429 likely Democratic caucus-goers shows that Bernie Sanders, while less popular, is viewed as more honest than Clinton.

When asked which candidate was the most honest and trustworthy, 35 per cent said they thought Sanders is, while 28 per cent said Clinton is.

The poll also asked which candidate best understands the problems facing people like you. 40 per cent responded that Clinton does, while 39 per cent responded Sanders.

Overall in Iowa, the likely caucus-goers polled said that they were most likely to vote for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, 50 per cent to 31 per cent. Vice President Joe Biden landed in third place with 12 per cent. The rest of the field was at 1 per cent or less.

Bernie takes the lead in New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders for the first time has taken the lead ahead of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, according to latest Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll.

Sanders is now ahead of Clinton 44 to her 37 per cent support along likely Democrat primary voters.

Sanders has been gaining momentum across the country, but until now, has trailed Clinton in every state and national poll.

This latest poll comes after Sanders attracted more than 70,000 supporters to rallies on the West Coast over the weekend.