Sanders speaks at a campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa

A new poll released Thursday night, just days before the state's primary, shows Bernie Sanders with the upper hand in California.
Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton's lead in the Golden State has evaporated, where she is now holding on by just single digits.
Bernie Sanders in New Orleans

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is leading his opponent Hillary Clinton in two recent nationwide polls.
Sanders speaks at a campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa

A brand new Bloomberg poll released today shows Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in a virtual tie nationally.
Bernie Sanders checks his notes

The final poll before tomorrow's Democratic caucuses in Utah show Bernie Sanders with an edge over Hillary Clinton.
Bernie Sanders in New York City

The final poll conducted in Missouri before tomorrow's primary puts Bernie Sanders in front of Hillary Clinton.
Bernie Sanders

After trailing Secretary Clinton by margins as great as 42 points in polls this week, a new poll shows him in front in Illinois.
Sanders and Clinton caricature

The race for the Democratic nomination is deadlocked, with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton still neck and neck.
Bernie Sanders in Davenport, Iowa

A new poll released by Fox News on Thursday gives Bernie Sanders nation front-runner status, leading Hillary Clinton by 3 points.
Bernie Sanders with son Levi

A new head-to-head poll shows Bernie Sanders leading all Republicans in a hypothetical general election scenario.