Sanders takes lead in Maryland poll

Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Bernie Sanders is the most popular Democrat running for president in a new survey of likely primary voters in Maryland released on Tuesday.

Overall, 24 percent said they supported Sanders, giving him a six point lead over Joe Biden, who had 18 percent support in the survey. 16 percent said they would vote for Michael Bloomberg, while all other candidates registered single digit support in the state.

Sanders had the highest favorability of the candidates running for president, with 74 percent saying they held a favorable view toward the Vermont Senator.

Mileah Kromer of Goucher College said the poll showed a significant change in the preferences of Democratic primary voters in Maryland. “Reflecting national polls, Sanders has gained ground while both Biden and Warren have lost support in Maryland,” Kromer said.

The survey of 371 likely primary voters was conducted by Goucher College between February 13 and 19.

Maryland is one of five states with primaries held on Tuesday 28 April.

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