It’s time to step up for Bernie

Make a contribution to Bernie’s campaign this week to help kickstart field operations in Nevada and the Super Tuesday states.

Bernie 2016 has grown a strong field campaign in Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire. We’re leading in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, but we’ve got a long way to go in the Palmetto State.

This week, the campaign kicked off its field program in Nevada. We’ve got a long way to go there, as well.

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Those are the four early voting states. The campaign has obviously made fantastic progress in two of them, and the poll numbers are showing that to be the case. So much work needs to be done in Nevada and South Carolina.

Then comes Super Tuesday. Those are twelve states where the campaign doesn’t have a field operation setup (not that Vermont needs one).

The campaign still needs our help to fund this massive operation. They need resources, people on the ground and offices across these key states to help get Bernie’s message out.

Bernie hasn’t got corporate backers, and he hasn’t got a Super PAC, so it’s up to us to fund the political revolution.

Chip in a few dollars to help fund the political revolution.

Please consider making a donation to Bernie 2016 before the end of the week, to help fund the campaign’s efforts on the ground in the early voting and (soon), the Super Tuesday states.

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We’re looking for contributors

The Bernie Post is currently looking for Bernie supporters who would be willing to contribute news and opinion to the site.

We’re the only media outlet dedicated to covering Bernie’s campaign, and we want to ensure we’re not missing a thing.

We are as excited as you are about Bernie’s presidency, and we understand that while the mainstream corporate media might be ignoring Bernie, we won’t – and we need to do our best to make sure word gets out.

We are looking for people to volunteer to fill the following roles.

  • Spanish Editor – must be able to fluently write in Spanish and assist other Spanish contributors
  • News Contributor – write about campaign events, polling, campaign itineraries, etc
  • Contributor – write about current events, your views or analysis
  • Spanish Contributor – must be able to write fluently in Spanish
  • Social Outreach Manager – help get the word out about the Bernie Post on social media

If you are interested in joining the enthusiastic team at the Bernie Post, please send an email to or send us a message through Facebook or Twitter.

Congratulations to Grassroots for Sanders for raising $250k

We would like to congratulate the entire online community, and Grassroots for Sanders who have raised $250,000 as of this morning.

The group from Reddit has come along way since it was established to encourage Bernie Sanders to run for president, several years ago.

After their successful moneybomb for Bernie’s birthday on Tuesday, the group has raised a total of $250,000 for Bernie 2016 so far in this campaign cycle.

That’s a pretty awesome effort, and we’d like to say a huge thank you to them, and the online Bernie family. Great stuff, guys!


Wishing Bernie Sanders a very happy birthday

The Bernie Post would like to wish the longest serving independent in congressional history a very happy birthday. He’s come a long way since being elected Mayor of Burlington by just a handful of votes.

Bernie is different. He’s been an independent his entire life, and now he’s running for president, seeking the nomination of the Democratic party. Bernie isn’t like everyone else, and that’s why we love him.

His entire life, Bernie has been fighting for what is fair and what is just. He has fought for the principles of equality and justice as a student, a Mayor, a member of the House, a Senator and now a presidential candidate.

Bernie turns 74 today, and he is showing no signs of slowing down.

The team here at the Bernie Post would like to wish Senator Sanders a very happy birthday.

To celebrate Bernie’s birthday, please consider making to contribution to his campaign. Click here to donate directly to Bernie 2016.