Sanders releases ad featuring President Obama

Bernie Sanders’ campaign has released a new ad featuring Barack Obama, set to air in states with primaries in the coming weeks.

The ad features audio and video of Obama praising Sanders, taken from various events where the former president praised Sanders’ record as somebody who gets things done.

“Bernie is somebody who has the virtue of saying exactly what he believes,” Obama says in the ad. “Great authenticity, great passion, and is fearless.”

“Bernie served on the veterans committee and got bills done. I think people are ready for a call to action. They want honest leadership who cares about them. They want somebody who’s gonna fight for them. And they will find it in Bernie.”

“That’s right. Feel the Bern!”

Sanders’ campaign said the ad, titled Feel the Bern, will go to air in nine states that vote on March 10 and 17, including Arizona, Michigan and Washington, as well as Obama’s adopted home state of Illinois.

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