Super PAC begins airing Sanders attack ads in Nevada

Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Democratic Majority for Israel will begin airing negative ads in Nevada on Saturday, attacking Sanders’ electability ahead of the state’s caucuses next weekend.

While the amount the group intends to spend on the Nevada ads is not yet known, Mediate reports the ads will claim that Bernie Sanders is not electable.

The pro-Israel lobbying group also aired attack ads against Sanders in Iowa, though the ads had nothing to do with Israel, and instead focused on Sanders’ democratic socialism and recent heart attack.

Responding to reports of the Nevada ad buy, Sanders’ communications director Mike Casca told Mediate, “hard to think of a better measure of electability than winning the first two states.”

Sanders has consistently shown in polls to trounce Donald Trump in hypothetical general election matchups. Many polls also show the Vermont Senator winning the greatest share of independent voters of any Democratic candidate.

A Morning Consult poll released Thursday also found that Democratic primary voters thought Sanders had the best chance of defeating Trump in November.

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