New head to head shows Sanders the best candidate to take on Trump

Photo via Bernie 2020

A new head to head poll from Reuters has shown Bernie Sanders as the candidate best equipped to defeat Donald Trump in November.

Sanders comes four points ahead, 45 percent to 41 percent, the same figure as Michael Bloomberg, whose credentials as a Democrat are at best questionable. Joe Biden, whose campaign is seemingly on its last legs was next best on 44 percent to 42 percent, whilst both Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg were level with President Trump.

It comes as an increasing body of evidence from polls has destroyed the arguments of the Democratic establishment and commentators that Sanders’ self proclaimed Democratic socialism could be a hindrance to him electorally.

Another poll from Quinnipiac showed Sanders likewise nearly at the front of the pack, defeating Trump by 8 percent, behind only Bloomberg (9 percent), ahead of all other competitors, with Pete Buttigieg again the worst alongside Elizabeth Warren (4 percent). 

This has come as Sanders has energised pack crowds in New Hampshire, where he has built up a solid lead in the polls ahead of tomorrow’s crucial primary. At the same time he has also hit the lead for the first time in a number of national polls.

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