Sanders leads in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania polls

Photo by Bryan Giardinelli/Bernie 2020 Campaign Photographer

A series of University of Wisconsin polls released Sunday shows Bernie Sanders with a dominant lead in the key battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Overall, 25 percent of Michigan Democrats say they plan to vote for Bernie Sanders. 16 percent say they side with Joe Biden, and 13 percent with Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren.

In Wisconsin, 30 percent of likely Democratic primary voters say they support Sanders, giving the Vermont Senator a whopping 17 point lead over Biden, who has just 13 percent support.

Sanders holds a 5 point lead in Pennsylvania, with 25 percent support to Joe Biden’s 20 percent. Bloomberg is a close third in the race with 19 percent, while no other candidate registers double digit support.

The polls also found that Sanders would defeat Donald Trump in all three battleground states in a general election. In Michigan, Sanders has a 7 point lead on the president. The Vermont Senator leads by 2 points in both Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

The three polls were conducted between February 11 and 20.

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