Sanders extends lead to 19 points in Nevada poll

Photo by Bryan Giardinelli/Bernie 2020 Campaign Photographer

A new poll of the Silver State shows Sanders netting 35 percent of the vote, well ahead of his nearest competitor Elizabeth Warren on 16 percent.

If replicated at the caucuses on Saturday, the margin would almost certainly put Sanders in the lead in the national pledged delegate count, where he currently trails Pete Buttigieg by one pending a final result from Iowa.

The poll, by Data for Progress of 766 likely voters shows Sanders ahead of Warren, Pete Buttigieg on 15 percent, Joe Biden 14 percent, Tom Steyer 10 percent and Amy Klobuchar 9 percent.

Nevada has been described as something of a polling black hole by commentators, with a relative lack of polls compared to Iowa and New Hampshire, but 2 of the 3 polls released this week show Sanders leading, with the other from a little known firm with a very small sample size showing a surprise lead for Tom Steyer. Overall polling analysis from 538 reflects a solid leader for Sanders. 

Sanders is well placed for a good result in Nevada, having attracted huge turnouts to his rallies and with a record number of Nevadans turning out to vote early. Momentum is seemingly building, with Sanders attracting over 10,000 to a California rally this afternoon, with another big rally planned for Tacoma, Washington tonight. 

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