Sanders draws record crowd of 17,000 in Tacoma, Washington

Photo via Twitter

Bernie Sanders has continued his sweep of the West, addressing a packed rally in Tacoma, Washington.

Earlier, over 10,000 people turned out to his rally in Richmond, California. There were reports of large lines eager to get into the Tacoma Dome well before the rally commenced.

Prior to Sanders speaking, members of the Pullayup tribe welcomed guests to the venue, and popular Alaskan indy band Portugal. The Man performed for the crowd. Sanders was introduced by Rep. Pramila Jayapal, who said there were an estimated 17,000 in the venue.

The crowd sets a record as the largest rally any presidential candidate has had in Washington this election cycle.

Sanders again reiterated the need to end the destruction caused by Donald Trump, labeling him a liar and a fraud. Actor Tim Robbins, best known for his part in the Shawshank Redemption, also spoke. 

Sanders had a healthy lead in the only recent poll conducted in the state, conducted late last month, and that’s likely to have grown with the decline of Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren since then.

anders scored a huge victory in the state in 2016, with over 72 percent of the vote. Washington is a vote-by-mail state, so whilst the day of the primary is Tuesday March 10, a week after Super Tuesday, ballots for the state’s primary will be sent out from Friday, hence Sanders’ visit now. The state is worth 89 pledged delegates.

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