More than 11,000 pack Sanders rally in Denver, Colorado

Photo via Gary Grumbach/Twitter

Over 11,000 people have packed out a Sanders rally in Denver, one of the biggest turnouts of the primary contest yet.

According to the Sanders campaign the initial plan was that just 5,000 would be coming, necessitating a shift to a bigger venue. Colorado is one of 14 states going to the polls on Super Tuesday on March 3, and is worth 67 pledged delegates. Sanders won the state handily, 59 percent to 40 in 2016.

Sanders turned his attention to a fast rising Michael Bloomberg, again condemning the system for allowing him to effectively buy his way into the contest. He also turned his attention to President Trump, labelling him “a pathological liar who is running a corrupt administration, who has no clue what the Constitution of the United States is about, who is a bully, who is vindictive, who is a racist, who is a sexist, who is a homophobe, who is a xenophobe, who is a religious bigot.

Sanders again took the opportunity to expound his policies, including a Green New Deal, a $15 minimum wage and his much discussed stance on Medicare for All, a policy the exit polls in both Iowa and New Hampshire show around 6 in 10 Democratic primary voters support.

Sanders will likely spend a lot of time in the nation’s west over the next few weeks, with the crucial Nevada caucuses coming up next Saturday before the Super Tuesday sees Colorado go to the polls, as well as Utah and the biggest prize of all, California with its 415 pledged delegates.

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