Sanders urges President Obama to end deportation raids

Bernie Sanders
Photo via Bernie 2016

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has penned a letter to President Obama, urging him to immediately cease the deportation raids.

“Our nation has always been a beacon of hope and a refuge for the oppressed. As a country, we have a fundamental responsibility to keep families together and welcome those seeking refuge from extreme violence and persecution,” Sanders wrote in the letter.

“I am therefore extremely disappointed that this weekend the Department of Homeland Security began large-scale raids in our communities to deport families who made the perilous journey to flee extreme violence.”

The Senator from Vermont also expressed his frustrations in a series of tweets on his official Senate Twitter account.

Sanders urged President Obama to implement policies “consistent with our historical commitment to provide protection to those fleeing violence and persecution.”

Hillary Clinton, who is Sanders’ opponent in seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, has been relatively quiet, and has not taken any action similar to Sanders in response to the raid operations.

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