New Bernie app empowers volunteers

Field the Bern, a new app that has been developed by the Sanders campaign, has been released to give volunteers the ability to canvass within minutes.

The app was launched in Apple’s app store on Monday, and was developed by grassroots supporters of Sanders, with Sanders’ campaign picking it up to allow it to send data collected by volunteers in the field to the campaign’s main database.

Sanders’ digital director Kenneth Pennington said they are helping online activists take their work to the streets.

“We’re taking advantage of real, distributed organizing, and giving volunteers the responsibility and leadership ability we know they can handle,” he said.

Volunteers who download the app are given information on how to canvass and sample scripts. They are then able to start knocking on doors and talking to voters, while sending the information they collect back to Sanders’ campaign.

You can currently download Field the Bern for free in Apple’s app store. It is expected to be released on Android shortly.

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