Clinton and Sanders tied nationally for first time

Democratic presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are tied nationally, after Clinton’s lead over Sanders vanished.

The new IBD/TIPP poll released today puts Sanders at 39 per cent, and Clinton at 43 per cent nationally, with a margin of error of 5.1 per cent, placing them in a statistical tie.

The last IBD/TIPP poll taken just a few months ago put Clinton ahead of Sanders by 18 per cent. Her lead over the Vermont Senator has now disappeared.

The poll also showed Clinton losing support in the Northeast, where she dropped by 14 points, and the West, where she dropped by 12 points. Senator Sanders now leads in both of those places, according to the poll.

Recent polling in the early-voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire have also been good news for Sanders.

Two NBC/WSJ/Marist polls released yesterday showed Sanders and Clinton in a statistical tie in both Iowa, and New Hampshire.

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