Two new polls are stark reminders this campaign has only just begun

Bernie Sanders
Photo via Brookings Institution

Two new polls published findings showing Bernie Sanders’ unknown numbers are high in South Carolina and his national numbers are rising.

The Monmouth national poll was the first of two released on Tuesday with findings from a random sample of 1,000 voters with a margin of error of 5 percent.

When voters were asked who they would support for the Democratic nomination; 20 percent back Bernie Sanders, 22 percent Joe Biden, and 42 percent Hillary Clinton.

The good news is Sanders’ percentage increased four points since last month.

Sanders also maintains favorability from 41 percent of Democratic voters with plenty of room to grow as 45 percent still have no opinion at all.

The second poll was the highly anticipated Public Policy Polling survey out of South Carolina which surveyed 300 Democratic primary voters.

The grim numbers have Sanders landing 9 percent of Democratic voters, 24 percent would pick Joe Biden, and 54 percent Hillary Clinton.

Sanders supporters need not worry. Sanders has three important events with social activist Dr. Cornell West this Saturday and now that he has the lead in New Hampshire and is in a close second in Iowa, his focus is about to shift to states like South Carolina.

These poll numbers signify the reality of how difficult a grassroots campaign operates alongside Clinton’s money and name recognition.

It should also come to no one’s surprise the rumors swirling around the Vice President’s potential is starting to make an impact. The Sanders campaign seems well aware of the fact they need to secure African-American votes to have a fighting chance.

Tom Jensen, Public Policy Polling’s director, mentioned in his findings that Sanders is far from doomed. “It’s not that African- Americans don’t like him,” Jensen said, “they just don’t know him.”

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