Cornel West to join Bernie Sanders in South Carolina

Dr Cornel West
Photo via James Stewart

Academic and philosopher Dr Cornel West will join Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at upcoming campaign events in South Carolina.

Bernie Sanders has been making impressive gains on Hillary Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire, next up is South Carolina. Home to the fourth democratic primary, South Carolina will pose the next obstacle for the Sanders campaign.

The last poll to come out of the Palmetto State has Clinton far ahead of Sanders 77 to 8 percent. On September 12, Sanders will hit the campaign trial with social activist Dr. Cornel West for three rallies in one day.

After the final event in Rock Hill, Sanders and West will have covered 200 miles in a state many are saying is unwinnable unless Sanders can appeal to African American voters.

The Sanders campaign will also be opening a new office in Columbia, SC on September 10.


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