New national poll shows Sanders’ favorability is rising

Bernie Sanders at a campaign rally
Photo via Hollywata

A new poll conducted by Gallup shows Sanders’ favorability is on the rise, increasing by seven points since the end of July.

Gallup released a new national poll on Friday after surveying 1,000 independent and democratic voters.

Bernie Sanders’ favorability has improved seven points since the last poll was released on July 24. Hillary Clinton’s national favorability is at its lowest point since 1992.

“Clinton’s favorability with the America public has sunk to one of its lowest levels in Gallup’s 23-year trend.”

According to the poll, 51 percent of “national adults” hold an “unfavorable view” of Clinton, yet her favorability among independent and democratic voters remains steady at 74 percent. Bernie Sanders’ favorability has improved from 39 to 46 percent.

Clinton’s email scandal continues to slowly diminish her image while Sanders is gaining on her inch by inch.

Read the poll’s findings here.

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