Bernie increases lead in New Hampshire, gains ground in Iowa

Bernie Sanders
Photo via Bernie 2016

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has reached a 9 point lead in New Hampshire, and remains competitive in Iowa.

According to a pair of two new NBC/Marist polls released today, Bernie Sanders has increased his lead in New Hampshire and is gaining ground in Iowa.

41 percent of Democrat voters in New Hampshire say they favor Sanders, while 32 percent say they would vote for Hillary Clinton.  This nine point lead shows a major swing in support towards Sanders over the past few months.  In a similar poll conducted in July, Clinton topped Sanders 42 to 32 percent.

16 percent of Democrat voters say they support Vice President Biden.  Without Biden in the race, Sanders’ lead increases to 49 to 38 percent, an 11 point difference.

In a similar poll conducted in Iowa, Clinton is favored 38 to 27 percent.  Her lead has shrunk considerably since the last poll, again in July, where she had a 24 point advantage (49 percent to 25 percent).  The latest poll also shows that Sanders’ favorability is on the rise, with 65 percent of Democrat voters finding him ‘Favorable’.

The New Hampshire poll has a 5.2 percent margin of error for Democrat voters, while the Iowa poll has a 5.3 percent margin of error.

You can view the Iowa poll here, and the New Hampshire poll here.

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