Why Bernie supporters aren’t happy with Wasserman Schultz

Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Photo via Gage Skidmore

Some are accusing DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz of rigging the debate schedule against Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley.

There will only be six debates between Democratic presidential candidates this cycle. That’s because DNC Chair Debbie Wassherman Shultz has decided so.

Any candidate who takes part in a debate outside of the six sanctioned by the DNC will be prohibited from participating in a sanctioned DNC debate, though Martin O’Malley’s lawyer has questioned the legality of this rule.

Some would say this undemocratic restriction has been put in place to help win the nomination for Hillary Clinton, who has everything to lose by participating in debates, especially against Sanders, an opponent who has been gaining national momentum.

It is also concerning that this is the first time in the party’s history anything like this has occurred. There were almost 30 debates between Democratic contenders during the 2008 election cycle.

Supporters of O’Malley, Sanders and other lesser-known candidates have every right to be frustrated by the DNC restrictions.

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