Sanders now has double-digit lead in two early voting states

Bernie Sanders now has a double-digit lead in both Iowa and New Hampshire, and his support is growing in South Carolina.

A YouGov poll released today indicated continued growth for the Sanders campaign, showing a 43-33 lead in Iowa, a 52-30 lead in New Hampshire, and a 23-46 deficit in South Carolina.

The string of positive news in early polls in New Hampshire and Iowa continues to grow longer for Bernie Sanders, growing his lead significantly in both states over the last few weeks. The growth comes on the heels of Bernie’s successful Iowa swing, giving him the lead in the state for the first time earlier this week, and now granting him a double-digit lead in the crucial first caucus.

Also of note in the poll is the huge disparity between Sanders and Clinton in the 18-29 age category, where Sanders leads 74-22 in Iowa and 67-5 in New Hampshire.

The poll also shows significant growth for Sanders in South Carolina, jumping from a near-40 point deficit to a 23 point deficit. With Sanders’s Tour with Dr. Cornel West of the State, these numbers should continue to grow.

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