Bernie answers your questions live on C-SPAN

Bernie Sanders
Photo via Bernie Sanders/Facebook

Following his rally in Columbia, South Carolina, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders took questions live on C-SPAN.

After the rally that lasted almost a full hour and a half, Sanders took to the air live on C-SPAN to answer questions from Americans across the country.

Sanders began by saying the campaign was far more advanced than he initially thought it would be, just three and a half months since he announced he was running for president.

He said that more than 400,000 Americans had made contributions to his campaign, with the average donation at roughly $31.

Senator Sanders said he believed his campaign has a lot of momentum, because they are speaking to the issues that no other candidates are talking about. He said he has been surprised by the number of people turning out to his rallies, and their enthusiasm.

He called for a political revolution of millions of people, taking part in the political process.

A Republican caller from Illinois asked Senator Sanders about his plans for health care. Sanders responded by saying he would fight for a Medicare for all system to provide quality health care for all people, eliminating profiteering by health insurance companies.

One caller said that after watching Sanders’ rally with his wife and daughter, they were very moved, and said that he was a supporter, but his family are now believers. He thanked Senator Sanders for his efforts.

Another caller who identified as a Republican said that he was disillusioned by bother major parties, saying he was looking for a candidate he could support that could keep their promises. Sanders agreed with the caller’s concerns. He said that it would take a grassroots political movement, where millions of people stand together to bring the change so many Americans want to see.

Sanders will continue his two-day swing in South Carolina on Saturday, with a town meeting in Sumter and rally in Charleston.


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