Bernie Sanders surpasses Clinton in Facebook race

Bernie and Jane Sanders
Photo via Bernie 2016

Bernie Sanders has surpassed Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the Facebook race, with both candidates on more than 1.2 million page likes.

Early Saturday morning, Bernie Sanders for the first time overtook Hillary Clinton on the key metric of Facebook likes. Sanders currently has 1.203 million page likes, while Clinton has 1.201 million.

In the past week alone, Senator Sanders’ Facebook page has attracted a staggering 86,650 new likes, while Clinton saw 39,685 new supporters join her page.

On the key Facebook measure of how many people are talking about each candidate, Sanders also came out ahead, with 382,248 talking about the independent Senator from Vermont. Just 180,112 were talking about Secretary Hillary Clinton.

All figures correct as of Saturday, 22nd of August 2015 at 2AM EDT.

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