Bernie’s big day in Greenville and Columbia, South Carolina

Photo via Bernie 2016

Senator Bernie Sanders has concluded a big day in South Carolina, where he addressed staggering crowds in Greenville and Columbia.

On Friday, Sanders arrived in South Carolina to speak to host a town meeting in Greenville. Roughly 2800 people turned out to hear him speak.

Sanders later rallied 2700 supporters in Columbia, which was televised live on C-SPAN. He also took questions live from the C-SPAN audience following the rally.

In his speeches, Sanders addressed wealth and income inequality, racial justice, trade policy, foreign policy, and climate change.

Following the rally in Columbia, viewers of C-SPAN called in to say they supported Sanders for his consistent policy positions, his honesty and his plans to make public colleges and universities tuition-free.

One caller said she was moved by his speech, describing what he said as coming from the heart. Another caller made similar remarks.

The campaign says it is building a strong team of experienced staff in South Carolina, led by state director Chris Covert and political director Lawrence Moore.

Bernie Sanders

Sanders rally in Columbia, SC live on C-SPAN

Bernie Sanders

Bernie answers your questions live on C-SPAN