Live results: Super Tuesday primaries

Democrats in six states will today vote for a Democratic presidential nominee, with a whopping 694 delegates up for grabs. Follow the results live.

In California, millions are expected to participate in the state’s presidential primary. Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and the Dakotas will also head to the polls today, leaving just Washington, DC to vote next week.

Polls have shown the race in California to be a dead heat, with Sanders and Clinton in a statistical tie. Sanders is expected to do well in the smaller states, while polls show Clinton will win New Jersey.

Follow the results of today’s Democratic primaries below, which will automatically update in realtime as results come in.

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Live results: Oregon and Kentucky primaries

Bernie Sanders will be looking to continue his mainland winning streak, after big wins in West Virginia, Indiana and Rhode Island over the past weeks.

He will be looking to win a large majority of the 55 pledged delegates in Kentucky, and 61 in Oregon, to help him close Clinton’s pledged delegate lead.

Sanders has long been a favorite to win in Oregon, where tens of thousands of voters recently changed their party affiliation to vote in the Democratic presidential primary, a good sign for the Vermont Senator.

Both Oregon and Kentucky hold closed primaries, which means to participate you must be registered Democrat.

Live results below will update automatically.

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Kentucky Oregon

Live results: West Virginia primary

Bernie Sanders is expected to perform well in West Virginia on Tuesday, a state where he has consistently polled well since last year.

The most recent MetroNews poll out of West Virginia shows Sanders head of primary opponent Hillary Clinton by 4 points, while a Public Policy Polling survey shows him with an 8 point edge.

There are 45 pledged delegates at stake in today’s contest, while the state will send another 5 unpledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention in July.

A big victory for Sanders in West Virginia will go some way to helping him close his pledged delegate deficit, and will assist his campaign in building momentum heading into upcoming primary states, like Kentucky, Oregon and California.

Live results from West Virginia will be updated below in realtime, after polls have closed.

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Live results: Indiana primary

Bernie Sanders will be looking for a strong victory in Indiana today, to collect delegates in order to close his pledged delegate deficit, and remain competitive in the lead up to the Democratic Convention in July.

The most recent poll conducted in Indiana showed Clinton with a small lead of just four points, a statistical tie, meaning today’s primary could go either way.

Polls in the Hoosier State opened at 6am this morning, and will close at 6pm this evening.

There are 83 delegates up for grabs in Indiana’s Democratic primary, and the state has an additional 9 unpledged delegates.

You can follow the live results of today’s Democratic primary in the state of Indiana below. Results will begin to come in once polls have closed.

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Live results: New York primary

Can Bernie Sanders defeat Hillary Clinton in the state she once represented in the United States Senate for two terms?

Democrats in the Empire State take to the polls today to decide who they would like to be the party’s presidential nominee. With 247 delegates up for grabs, the primary is critical for bother candidates.

A victory for Bernie Sanders will help him close his pledged delegate deficit, which is now just less than 200 delegates.

Polling has shown the race tightening in recent days, with one Gravis study conducted just days ago showing Senator Sanders within just six points of Secretary Clinton.

Will the strong, grassroots efforts of Sanders’ campaign, making millions of phone calls into the state, ahead of today’s primary be enough to get him over the line? We’ll find out after polls close at 9pm Eastern time.

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Live results: Wyoming caucuses

Democrats in Wyoming are caucusing today to decide who they want to be the party’s presidential nominee.

There are 14 pledged delegates up for grabs today in Wyoming’s Democratic caucuses. A win for Senator Sanders in the Cowboy State will play a minor role in helping him close Secretary Clinton’s pledged delegate lead.

Bernie Sanders has run the stronger campaign in Wyoming, hoping to build on his momentum going into New York’s crucial primary, while Hillary Clinton has focused on fundraising in her adopted home state of New York, and around the country.

Sanders is expected to perform well in today’s caucus, a format which has historically favored him, most recently in states such as Hawaii, Washington and Alaska. He also pulled off huge wins in Colorado and Nebraska’s caucuses earlier in the primary season.

You can follow the live results from today’s caucuses in Wyoming as they come in below.

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Live results: Wisconsin primary

Wisconsinites are voting today to decide who they want to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president. Follow the results as they come in live.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are competing for 86 pledged delegates in today’s Wisconsin Democratic presidential primary.

Sanders is the favorite in today’s primary, polling ahead of Clinton in recent statewide polls. An Emerson poll released on Monday shows him leading the former Secretary of State by 8 points.

Sanders’ campaign is counting on a win in Wisconsin to build momentum going into the New York primary, and to close Clinton’s pledged delegate lead.

Wisconsin holds an open primary, which means anyone can participate in the Democratic primary, regardless of their party registration. Wisconsin also has same-day voter registration, which means first-time voters can participate in today’s primary, even if they have never registered before.

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Live results: Democratic caucuses

Democrats in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington caucus to pick a presidential nominee today. Follow the live results as they roll in.

Bernie Sanders is expected to do well in today’s caucuses, as the format has favored him in previous states, including on Tuesday, when he won both Utah and Idaho by huge margins.

Sanders has been running a strong campaign in Washington, where he has held several rallies over previous weeks. He has gained strong support in Hawaii, where campaign surrogate Representative Tulsi Gabbard has been voicing her support for him.

Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook has conceded that Sanders might win all three caucuses this weekend, as he did earlier in the week.

He said last week that Sanders is “is poised to have a stretch of favorable states to vote, including five caucuses next week, which he is likely to win.”

Live results below will update automatically.

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Washington Alaska Hawaii

Live stream: Bernie Sanders rally in Seattle

Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend Sanders’ rally at Safeco field in Seattle, Washington tonight. Watch it live.

The rally at Safeco Field will kick off at 7pm local time. Lines are already extending around the stadium, with thousands of supporters waiting to get in to the event.

Sanders will discuss a wide range of issues, including getting big money out of politics, his plan to make public colleges and universities tuition-free, combating climate change and ensuring universal health care.

In Washington, Saturday’s nominating contest is expected to draw tens of thousands of voters who will ultimately determine how 101 of the state’s Democratic delegates will be awarded.

Q13 Fox Seattle will be covering the event live. You can watch the live stream of the event below. The stream will begin when the event kicks off.

An alternative stream of the live event, run by local network KING5 Seattle can be found on their website. That stream has already begun.

Live results: Democratic primary and caucuses

Live results from the Democratic primary in Arizona, and the Utah and Idaho caucuses.

Bernie Sanders is the favorite to come out ahead in today’s primary and caucus contests. 131 delegates are at stake in the three contests.

Hillary Clinton currently has a pledged delegate lead of 319. Big wins for Bernie Sanders today will be critical in closing that gap with his primary opponent.

Sanders will be holding a rally tonight in San Diego, California, as he looks ahead to upcoming primaries, who experts and commentators say favor him.

Note: Candidates on state are ordered alphabetically until results begin to come in. This is why the names of candidates who have dropped out of the race, or lesser-known candidates sometimes display instead of either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

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Utah Idaho Arizona