Live results: Wyoming caucuses

Bernie Sanders
Photo via Bernie 2016

Democrats in Wyoming are caucusing today to decide who they want to be the party’s presidential nominee.

There are 14 pledged delegates up for grabs today in Wyoming’s Democratic caucuses. A win for Senator Sanders in the Cowboy State will play a minor role in helping him close Secretary Clinton’s pledged delegate lead.

Bernie Sanders has run the stronger campaign in Wyoming, hoping to build on his momentum going into New York’s crucial primary, while Hillary Clinton has focused on fundraising in her adopted home state of New York, and around the country.

Sanders is expected to perform well in today’s caucus, a format which has historically favored him, most recently in states such as Hawaii, Washington and Alaska. He also pulled off huge wins in Colorado and Nebraska’s caucuses earlier in the primary season.

You can follow the live results from today’s caucuses in Wyoming as they come in below.

Live Results

Bernie Sanders

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