Metro Times endorses Bernie Sanders

Photo via Michael Vadon/Flickr

Detroit newspaper Metro Times announced its endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders ahead of Michigan’s primary on March 10.

In its endorsement published this week, the paper said Sanders fights for normal, everyday Americans because he’s not beholden to the billionaire class.

“Many of the injustices that Sanders has long railed against — the growing chasm between the rich and poor, the hollowing out of the middle class, out-of-control military spending — remain,” the Times wrote in its editorial.

“This is why he gets our vote in Michigan’s primary on Tuesday, March 10.”

“This isn’t merely about winning — it’s about taking on a system that has left so many people behind. Bernie Sanders understands this, and has long understood this, which is why he gets our vote on Tuesday.”

Sanders graciously accepted the Metro Times’ endorsement, thanking the newspaper in tweet on Thursday.

Sanders will travel to Michigan later this week, holding campaign rallies in Detroit and Grand Rapids.

Michigan will award 125 pledged delegates in its primary on March 10.

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