Senate Democrats say Sanders will defeat Trump

Photo by Bryan Giardinelli/Bernie 2020 Campaign Photographer

While some in the establishment raise concerns about Bernie Sanders’ impact on other races, Democrats in the Senate recognise his strength against Republicans.

In a Politico article published this week, Sanders’ Senate colleagues clashed with centrist Democrats in the House, who are predicting an electoral doomsday if the Vermont Senator wins the Democratic nomination.

“I do believe he can beat President Trump,” New York Senator and former presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand said. “What Bernie has shown us until now is that he has a very broad base of very, very passionate followers.”

Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico said Sanders was looking strong, pointing out that his victory in Nevada came from a diverse coalition of supporters that cut across demographic lines. “It looks like he’s the leader right now and he’s doing very well,” he said.

Washington Senator Maria Cantell told Politico that Sanders “is getting a lot of people riled up,” and that he would win over voters from Donald Trump’s base.

Appearing on CBS, Republican Senator Tim Scott said Sanders was the toughest potential opponent for Trump, reflecting what recent national polling suggests.

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