Sanders the clear national leader in slew of new polls

Photo via Bernie 2016

Another national poll has shown Bernie Sanders again as the clear frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll has shown Sanders with a 12 point lead over the rest of the field, with a plummeting Joe Biden second on 15 percent, whilst another from SurveyUSA showed him with an 11 point lead over billionaire former Republican Mike Bloomberg

A third from Reuters/Ipsos showed him with a slightly smaller albeit still comprehensive 8 point lead over Bloomberg, and as we reported earlier, a Marist poll showed him with a 12 point lead.

All up, Sanders has now topped 25 percent in RCP’s polling average, an 8 point buffer over Joe Biden, with it now looking increasingly like a two horse race between Sanders and Bloomberg in the runup to Super Tuesday.

This comes in addition to state polls showing Sanders tied with Michael Bloomberg in Virginia and Oklahoma, with Biden and Bloomberg in North Carolina, and leading albeit in a statistical tie in New Jersey, and up 9 points in Maine.

He also has a commanding 38 percent lead in his home state of Vermont. And in the lead up to the crucial Nevada caucus on Saturday, an internal poll released by the Steyer campaign has shown Sanders with a 5 point lead.

The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll also showed Sanders with a narrow lead over Trump in a combined head to head figure for 10 swing states. He had a slightly bigger lead in the Marist Poll we reported previously. And in a strong indication Sanders is in fact the preference of a majority of Democratic votes, he has a huge lead when put head to head with his competitors, 57 percent to 37 against Michael Bloomberg and 54 percent to 38 against Pete Buttigieg.

The figures are a huge boost to Sanders ahead of the Nevada debate tomorrow, and reiterate that the main threat appears to be at this stage from Michael Bloomberg, with Pete Buttigieg seemingly failing to translate his strong performances in Iowa and New Hampshire into nationwide support.

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