Sanders makes early gains in Iowa satellite caucuses

Photo via Tori Bedford/Twitter

With satellite caucuses across Iowa, America and the rest of the world winding up and the start of the main event now less than an hour away, here’s a roundup of some of the results:

  • Sanders picked up early wins in Ottumwa, getting 14 of 15 caucus caucus goers, and Keotuk, IA
  • In Europe, Sanders won a satellite caucus in Glasgow, Scotland whilst Warren was the victor in Paris, France
  • Back in Iowa, Sanders won in Cedar Rapids, picking up two delegates with the other frontrunners getting one each
  • In Des Moines, Sanders picked up over 60 percent of the vote and after alignments collectedf five delegates to Warren’s two, with no other candidates getting delegates
  • Sanders also got six of seven available votes in Fort Madison, with the other going to Biden
  • A less positive result for Sanders in Port Charlotte, Florida, where moderate candidates Klobuchar, Buttigieg and Biden cleaned up

Whilst only yielding a small number of delegates, the satellite caucuses have provided an early insight into how groups are expected to go tonight; as expected older voters who are likely to make up most of the vote in places like Florida have gone for the establishment candidates, whilst Sanders has done well in state particularly amongst younger voters.

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