Sanders decisively won support from Latino voters in Iowa caucuses

Photo by Bryan Giardinelli/Bernie 2020 Campaign Photographer

An analysis released by the UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Initiative shows Bernie Sanders won an overwhelming majority of support from Latino voters in the Iowa caucuses.

According to the study, Sanders won 52 percent of the vote in the top 32 high-density Latino caucus locations. This is compared to just 15 percent for Joe Biden, 14 percent for Pete Buttigieg and 11 percent for Elizabeth Warren.

In the 12 majority-Latino caucus locations, Sanders won an estimated 67 percent of the vote.

Sanders is estimated to have won a total of 40.2 state delegates from these high-density Latino and majority-Latino caucus precincts.

The Vermont Senator’s strong showing with Latino voters in Iowa will give the campaign confidence that its organizing strategy is working heading into Nevada, California and Texas, states that have sizable Latino electorates.

Bernie Sanders’ senior adviser Jeff Weaver said that campaign began reaching out to Latino voters early on. “I think that [Sanders’] own immigrant story connects with Latino voters,” Weaver said.

“I think in many ways Senator Sanders talks about the America that people who came to this country thought they were coming to, and it’s an aspirational community that I think, they really like Senator Sanders’ message.”

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