Sanders claims victory in Nevada caucuses

Photo by Bryan Giardinelli/Bernie 2020 Campaign Photographer

After winning in a landslide at Saturday’s Nevada caucuses, Bernie Sanders is on track to win the Democratic nomination for president.

Speaking to a loud and energetic crowd of supporters at a rally in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday night, Sanders begun by introducing his wife Jane as the next First Lady of the United States.

“I think all of you know, we won the popular vote in Iowa, we won the New Hampshire primary, and according to three networks and the AP, we have now won the Nevada caucus,” Sanders told the crowd.

“Let me thank the people of Nevada for their support. In Nevada, we have just put together a multi-generational, multi-racial coalition, which is not only going to win in Nevada, but is going to sweep this country.”

Sanders attributed his success in the early states to grassroots supporters volunteering for his campaign.

“We are going to win here in Texas,” Sanders said to rapturous applause.

“We are going to win across the country, because the American people are sick and tired of a president who lies all of the time. They are sick and tired of a corrupt administration. They are sick and tired of a president who is undermining American democracy, who thinks he is above the law, and who apparently has never read the constitution.”

“Trump and his friends think they are going to win this election. They think they are going to win this election by dividing our people up.”

Sanders said his campaign would defeat Trump because it is bringing people together.

“Black and white and Latino, Asian American and Native American, gay and straight, we are bringing our people together around an agenda that works for the working people of this country,” Sanders said.

“If we stand together, if we fight for an agenda that works for working families and the middle class, if we get involved in the political process, if we stand for justice, if we stand for compassion, if we understand that we are all in this together, we will not only defeat Trump, we will transform this country.”

Early results from Nevada show Sanders winning more than 40 percent of the popular vote, and roughly 50 percent of the final alignment vote.

Bernie Sanders became the first candidate from either party to win the popular vote in the first three primary states as well as sweeping nearly every voter group on Saturday in Nevada, showing he has near unstoppable momentum.

Nevada victory shows Sanders on track to win nomination

Sanders the clear front runner after decisive Nevada victory