Nevada victory shows Sanders on track to win nomination

Photo by Bryan Giardinelli/Bernie 2020 Campaign Photographer

Bernie Sanders became the first candidate from either party to win the popular vote in the first three primary states as well as sweeping nearly every voter group on Saturday in Nevada, showing he has near unstoppable momentum. 

Whilst final results are yet to be determined, Sanders looks to have received over 40 percent of the vote in Nevada, double his nearest competitors who have polled in the high to mid teens.

In a state that former Vice President Joe Biden has previously described as the first real primary, Sanders came out well on top with Latinos, won well with whites and came a close second with blacks. 

And there is every indication he can keep on winning. South Carolina looms as a big test next week, but even a solid second showing would be as good as a win in a state that not long ago was seen as likely to be a big and relatively easy win for Joe Biden until recently, mainly off the back of his support with blacks.

But South Carolina, and the three states that have gone before pale in significance to Super Tuesday, when over one third of all delegates in the race are up for grabs, including the biggest prize of all, California, as well as other big states like Texas, North Carolina and Virginia, along with a number of other mid to small size states. In nearly all Sanders either leads or is close to the lead in recent polls.

Sanders is now up to a 39 percent chance of winning 1990 delegates according to the FiveThirtyEight Democratic primary forecast, with nobody going into the convention with a majority still just ahead on 41 percent, however those numbers are almost certain to shift off the back of the Nevada result.

In spite of the best efforts of the Democratic establishment and sections of the media, all the signs are positive for Sanders to go Milwaukee in July to be crowned as the Democratic nominee.

Sanders wins Nevada caucuses in landslide victory

Sanders claims victory in Nevada caucuses