Sanders campaign reached the most voters in Iowa

Photo by Bryan Giardinelli/Bernie 2020 Campaign Photographer

According to an Associated Press survey, Bernie Sanders’ campaign contacted the most number of voters in Iowa ahead of the state’s caucuses.

Of the 3,000 likely voters surveyed, 72 percent said they were contacted directly by an individual on behalf of the campaign, either by phone or in person. No other candidate in the state came close to that level of direct voter contact.

Amy Klobuchar’s campaign reached the fewest number of voters, just 41 percent overall. Joe Biden didn’t fare much better, reaching 51 percent of Iowa voters.

Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren, who finished in second and third place in Iowa respectively, reached 66 percent and 63 percent of the electorate respectively.

The survey suggests that direct voter contact plays a major part in winning over voters, with the Sanders campaign knocking on more than 500,000 doors in the Hawkeye state at a rate of one per second.

Research into campaigning techniques has shown door knocking to be the most effective in swinging votes, far more so than direct mail and advertising. The human, face to face aspect makes it a powerful tool.

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