Sanders backers defend Tlaib after establishment attacks

Photo via Rashid Tlaib/Facebook

Prominent Bernie Sanders backers have come to the defence of Congresswoman and Squad member Rashida Tlaib after she was attacked by commentators for leading booing of Hillary Clinton at a Sanders rally in Iowa Friday night.

This came in response to repeated attacks by the seemingly embittered Clinton in the leadup to the primary, with the failed 2016 nominee first stating “nobody likes (Sanders)”, before telling a podcast Friday morning that Sanders, who did over 40 rallies for the her in 2016, did not do enough to unite the party.

The condemnations of Tlaib by Hillary backers and establishment Democrats have been met with condemnation by a number of prominent Sanders backers, for amongst other things, their hypocrisy, tone policing and racism towards the Muslim congresswoman.

New York Times columnist Elizabeth Bruenig took to Twitter to call out the hypocrisy of liberals who had previously expressed solidarity with women such as Tlaib, stating they were insincere and really just used such sentiments to cover their conservatism, as demonstrated by the reaction to Tlaib.

Intercept journalist Glenn Greenwald also noted how Clinton had brought the response upon herself by virtue of her remarks about Sanders, whilst former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel’s Twitter account wittily noted that Clinton had spent more time condemning Rashida Tlaib than her former close friend, disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. 

It remains to be seen what impact if any the ongoing fracas will have on the final result in the primaries, though Sanders currently has a healthy lead in the Iowa polls, and as we reported yesterday is viewed considerably more favourably than Clinton.

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