Sanders addresses New Hampshire rally following Iowa caucuses

Photo via Sahil Kapur/NBC

In his first major campaign appearance since last night’s controversy marred Iowa caucuses, Bernie Sanders has told a jubilant crowd in Milford it is clear based on preliminary results released by the Iowa Democratic Party he has come out on top in the popular vote.

Sanders leads his nearest rival Pete Buttgieg with 24% to 21% on the first alignment, with Elizabeth Warren on around 19% on Joe Biden just under 15% with 63% counted.

Sanders is also ahead on the second alignment 26% to 25%, and on early indications has 10 of the 24 delegates to the Democratic National Convention so far decided of the 41 available in Iowa, with Buttigieg claiming 10 and Elizabeth Warren on 4 according to the Associated Press

Following the rally in Milford, with activist Shaun King has joined Sanders and his wife Jane, the Vermont Senator will give a televised response to President Trump’s State of the Union address.

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