March for Our Lives co-founders endorse Bernie Sanders

Photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Gun violence prevention activists, including several co-founders of March for Our Lives announced their support for Bernie Sanders on Thursday.

The endorsements include March for Our Lives co-founders Delaney Tarr, Ryan Deitsch and Chris Grady, as well as activists Nurah Abdulhaqq, Thandie Abdullah, Maxwell Frost, Daud Mumin and Robert Schentrup.

Sanders’ campaign released a video highlighting the activists’ endorsements.

“The truth is we need a President who can do it — who can build a populist movement, who can create structural change, and who can speak to the intersection of every American issue,” said Tarr in the video.

“Bernie has created a movement that I not only believe in, but I fight for. I am so excited to join in creating a campaign to be proud of — and an America to be proud of.”

Gun violence prevention activist Maxwell Frost said he was “beyond excited” to endorse Bernie Sanders.

“[Sanders] gets that all of the issues we fight for are connected and that gun violence isn’t the cause, but a symptom of systematic injustice,” Frost said.

“He’s inspired an intersectional movement of working class people, which is built upon a love for humanity and justice for all people. That’s the type of leader that makes me feel safe and excited for the future of our country.”

Earlier this month, Sanders’ campaign announced that Matt Deitsch, co-founder of the March for Our Lives movement, would join the campaign as Gun Violence Prevention Advisor.

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