Iowa Democratic Party to release partial results Tuesday afternoon

Photo via Iowa Democratic Party/Facebook

State Democratic party chair Troy Price has told media the party will release “a majority” of caucus results on Tuesday afternoon.

In a debacle that could spell the end of caucuses and lose Iowa its position as the first state in the nominating process, no official primary results have yet been released.

In a conference call with presidential campaigns, Price said “a majority” of results would be released at 4pm in Iowa, or 5pm ET. That comment has already been met with confusion and frustration, as campaigns and media demand a full set of results.

It is unclear how big the majority of precincts that the party plans to report will be, and whether it will be a representative sample of the state as a whole. The party has also failed to communicate when a full set of results would be made public.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign has released its own internal figures, showing the Vermont Senator with a lead over the rest of the field. In an email to supporters on Tuesday, campaign manager Faiz Shakir said it was, “unacceptable that the Iowa Democratic Party cannot release votes in a timely way.”

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