Concerns mount over integrity of Nevada caucuses

Photo by Bryan Giardinelli/Bernie 2020 Campaign Photographer

After last week’s disaster in Iowa, Nevada Democratic officials and the DNC seem to have taken little heed, with a number of potential issues arising with how the crucial caucuses are to be conducted next Saturday.

This comes in spite of the party releasing a statement on the night of the Iowa caucuses assuring that such problems would not be repeated in Nevada. 

The Nevada Democratic Party was initially insistent that an app was to be used, built by the same company, Shadow Inc, that was responsible for the Iowa disaster. The state party is now claiming that what they call a tool, preloaded onto iPads is to be used to report results.

Like the Iowa app, it is yet to be tested on a large scale. Further concerns have also been raised after it was revealed that a staffer previously employed on Pete Buttigieg’s Iowa campaign, who the this publication has chosen not to name, has been employed by the Nevada Democratic Party as their voter protection director.

There was controversy in 2016, with allegations of irregularities in the contest won narrowly by Hillary Clinton, which gave her a much needed boost after Sanders’ big win in New Hampshire.

This time around Sanders goes in as favorite, with his strong showing with minority voters in Iowa boding well for his chances in the Silver State.

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