Wisconsin congressman Mark Pocan endorses Bernie Sanders

Photo via Mark Pocan

Congressman for Wisconsin’s 2nd District Mark Pocan endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Thursday.

Pocan has represented Wisconsin’s 2nd District in congress since 2013. He also chairs the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

In a statement, Pocan said Sanders has what it takes to win in Wisconsin, pointing out that in 2016, the Vermont Senator won all but one county in the state’s primary.

“After three years of Trump, Wisconsinites want someone who they can trust with values they share,” Pocan wrote.

“Bernie never stopped fighting for working families & I am joining him in the fight to defeat Donald Trump.”

In an endorsement video released on social media, Sanders said he intends to “beat Trump badly in Wisconsin.”

Sanders also announced that Pocan would serve as chair of his campaign in the Badger State.

Pocan’s endorsement is Sanders’ first from a prominent Democrat in Wisconsin.

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