Sanders campaign raises $4 million in two days

Photo via Bernie 2016

In a video update posted on social media on Wednesday, Sanders announced that his campaign had raised $4 million in the past two days.

Sanders said the nearly $4 million raised came from 200,000 contributions. Notably, the campaign welcomed 25,000 new individual donors, who had not previously contributed to his campaign, in the past two days alone.

“At this point in the campaign, we have received over five million contributions, from more than 1.3 million Americans,” Sanders said in the update.

“No campaign in the history of the United States of America has accomplished this level of support in this moment of the campaign.”

Sanders’ Digital Fundraising Director Robin Curran said Tuesday night that the campaign had received 15,000 contribution in the first hour of last night’s Democratic debate.

In the update, Sanders also provided supporters with an update of his ground campain in Iowa, saying that his staff and volunteers would knock on 500,000 doors before the February caucuses.

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