Sanders scores key progressive endorsement

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders won the endorsement of a coalition of 40 progressive groups.

People’s Action represents more than one million members. According to the group, Sanders received 74 percent of the ballots cast by delegates representing the group’s affiliates across the country.

George Goehl, the organisation’s national director said Sanders’ policy proposals are what propelled him to the top with members.

“We were really struck by the fact that for the last few decades, this guy has been able to see through the haze of a neoliberal worldview that has affected so many parts of American life,” he said.

“We also think he’s uniquely positioned to win. He’s already stitched together a multiracial, urban, rural, multi-generational campaign.”

Sanders also recently won the endorsement of the Center for Popular Democracy, another prominent progressive group representing around 600,000 members.

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