Sanders releases remarkable new television ads

Days before the next Super Tuesday, Bernie Sanders has released a series of new television ads, set to air in Illinois.

One of the new ads, dubbed “Work of His Life” focuses on Sanders’ strong record on racial justice and equality. “The fight against injustice and inequality has been the work of his life,” the narrator says in the ad.

Another ad, titled “Transformative Change” is narrated by Cook County Commissioner Chuy Garcia, who says Bernie Sanders is about giving everyone ago. The ad will air in both Spanish and English.

The last ad is narrated by Troy LaRavier, a Chicago public schools principal. It highlights Hillary Clinton’s support for Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel.

“In Chicago, we have endured a corrupt political system. And the chief politician standing in the way of us getting good schools is our mayor. If you have a presidential candidate that supports someone like our mayor, you have a candidate who is not willing to take on the establishment,” says LaRaviere.

“Bernie Sanders is definitely not afraid to take on the system. He looks beyond that system and sees better possibilities for us. He sees that this is not the way it has to be.”

The new television commercials will begin airing in Illinois on Friday, Sanders’ campaign spokesperson Michael Briggs said in a statement.

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