Sanders comes out of Polk County tied

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After losing Polk County to Clinton on caucus night in Iowa, Bernie Sanders has come out of the county’s convention tied.

Following a day of chaos, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will send the same number of delegates to the district convention, which could lead to Sanders winning another national delegate.

After preliminary counts earlier in the day put Sanders in front of Clinton at the Polk County Democratic convention, later recounts put the former Secretary of State in front, causing controversy.

At the end of the day, both candidates will send the same number of delegates from Polk to the district convention, despite Clinton winning the county by a healthy margin on caucus night. This is because delegates to the county conventions are able to change their mind about who they support. It is also possible many Clinton delegates did not show up.

On caucus night, voters are actually voting for delegates to the county convention to represent their candidate. From county convention, delegates are elected to the district convention, then onto the state convention, where it will be determined how many national delegates each candidate gets.

It is still possible for Bernie Sanders to win more pledged delegates out of Iowa depending on how the following conventions go.

Update: After all the delegate math has been completed, Polk County will send 115 delegates to the district convention for Clinton, and 113 for Sanders. This is a very good result for Bernie Sanders.

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