Clinton will now join Sanders in Fox News town hall

After initially declining to participate in Fox News’ presidential town hall on Monday night, Hillary Clinton says she will now join Sanders.

Citing a “scheduling conflict,” Hillary Clinton initially declined Fox News’ invitation to attend Fox News’ presidential town hall, hosted by Brett Baier on Monday night. She now says she will participate.

Clinton’s participation in the town hall will mark her first appearance on Fox News since 2014, according to the Blaze. Her last appearance was during a book tour.

Clinton and Sanders will make their final pitch to Michigan voters in the town hall, on the eve of the Michigan primary. It will be held at the Gem Theater in Detroit.

Sanders’ campaign sees Michigan as a key state, one it has to win in order to cut into Clinton’s pledged delegate lead. The Michigan primary will take place on Tuesday.

The town hall will be aired live on Fox News on Monday night from 6pm Eastern time.

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